Anchor products hold a European Technical Approval(ETA) and are qualified according to one of the following technical guidelines:

  • ETAG 001 for metal anchors installed in concrete. (Option 1 for cracked concrete, Option 7 for uncracked concrete, Part 6 for multiple use for non-structural applications).
  • ETAG 029for metal anchors installed in masonry.
  • EOTA TR 023 for post-installed reinforcement bars.

Products complying with European standards or approvals are marked with the CE Marketing.

A fire resistance rating provides the duration of fire exposure for which the anchor product is qualified:

  • EOTA TR 020 for the evaluation of anchors installed in concrete.

In general, the design strength is reduced if exposure to fire is taken into account.

The German Technical Approval of post installed reinforcement bars certifies that the product meets the requirements to be installed by trained personnel. The German Technical Approvals are, next to the European Technical Approvals, the most renowned qualification of anchor products.

The Evaluation Service of the International Code Council (ICC ES) provides test guidelines for anchor qualification in the US. The technical approvals granted on the basis of these guidelines are internationally recognized and provide a high degree of safety.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International is an independent organization that provides standards for e.g. product certification for public health and the environment.

Product tested for the emission of volatile substances in indoor air, with a risk of inhalation toxicity, on a scale ranging from class A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions) level.

Product is approved for seismic load applications.